Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How and why choose Personal Trainer

Many will question the existance of so called Personal Trainer? well at least in Malaysia, majority still do not know about our existance or percieved personal trainer as taboo. Dont get me wrong, i am talking about personal trainer either work as freelance or in the fitness centre, yeah yeah its related to exercise, health and fitness.


You might be to busy running your own career, family and so on hence neglecting the most important part of our life..our health. Personal trainer will be able to evaluate your fitness level and physical condition before giving you an advice on your workout regime

You might want to achieve a very important physical goals, it may concern your health, appearance and fitness condition BUT your lack of knowledge in this field might hinder you from pursuing it, personal trainer have the knowledge both technical, skills and some are quite good in motivation and nutrition, they can be a good solution for you achieving your goals

You might have done workout yourself before but have reach plateus in your physical goals, getting a personal trainer to train you based on progression and introducing multiple workout routine will help you to improve


I will be lying if i say there are no poser out there pretend to be a good personal trainer, but consider some of the tips that will help you choose the right one for you

There are many certification that can be acquire through the net but not all have good credential, the American Counsil on Exercise(ACE) certification are one of the better one and most personal trainer worldwide have this certificate. There are others such as FISAF and so on but please do check if they are properly certified and most international fitness centre do make sure their personal trainer are properly certified

No doubt that some personal trainers seems to be pushy and when come to getting you to sign up for training sessions, do not worry, these trainers probably are not well equiped or train on how to run their personal training business, they meant to be helping out the clients to make a better decision BUT do make sure that these personal trainer are genuinely trying to help you

Not all trainers suit all clients, there are certain aspect that you have to make sure before deciding on that particular trainer: are you confortable with them? are you motivated by them? will both of you communicate effectively? is your time and his time work well?

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