Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in my Mind now - 30/9/2008

Its the end of the month and there is so many things that running through my brain and i have just started this blog and i am trying to get this bloggy thingy going..and i am very bad in vocab and stuff like that..so i have decided today that "screw vocab" "screw proper spelling""screw proper grammer"...we dont have to do it right all the time...right!!

so whats in my brain today


This job that im doing at the moment require me to manage my team to bring in the sales, sales..well ok i am not complaining..but it was and still is a headache..im currently at 91% on sales, i need about $4.5k and the worst part is most of my muslim trainers are already in Raya mood..even the members in the gym on Raya mood..the terrible part is non muslim members also on Raya mood so ...this made me even difficult to find sales


All i wanted to do now is sleep, sleep in the car: sleep on my office desk even sleep on the cafe table next to my club.,even now i feel like sleeping


i had white chicken rice with meatball soup this morning for breakfast, i had milo in the afternoon and now i am feeling darn hungry...hmmm im thinking of KFC after this yeah


The wifi connection here in my club are sucks big time!


Im into this computer games now."the making : the calm and the storm" its a cool post WWII games but most of the time i lost and ended up losing my country: i cant wait to play later..

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