Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weight Loss Part Three

My dear friends,

It has been awhile since i posted my last blog on weight loss, in fact i was too busy with work that i forgotten about it at all, shame on me!! but thanks to vivingca, erhhh is that correct, it woke me up lol...

The last review i wrote was about setting realistic goals for yourself and knowing when and where you want to be in term of physical goals...

The next thing you got to do is to find a good place to workout at least finding out the easiest alternative to workout knowing that most of you, im sure, are busy with works or even for the homemaker..making home hahaha...

My first recommendation will be looking/enrolling at the nearest gym available to you, may it near your house or near to where you work. Sometimes friends play an important role in deciding the place to workout ,more the marrier...ngam kah..enrolling to the nearest gym will be good because they provide good equipement not to mention group exercise classess and state of the art cardio theatre. Its convienient and its safe(well my defination of safe is, you dont have to run in the dark quiet park, with hooligans hiding behind the bushes), well not all park are dangerous but if you are thinking of running at the subang jaya park near to SJMC, think twice becuase few months back, i remember an unfortunate lady was raped and murdered...oopps this is not CSI article...

Gym provide resistance machine and free weight area which are essential in weight loss programme. In-corporating group exercise classess in your workout programme will benefits an exerciser because not only it will help you too burn more fats but it helps you to strengthen up your cardiovascular function, classess can help you to increase coordination and limb movement as well.

But if you have gym facilities in your own apartment, please go ahead and utilize it, you pay for it anyway, they dont provide classes nor state of the art(loves this quote) facilities but it is sufficiant enough to help you to workout(my condominium gym facilities are the crapiest i have ever seen but with the knowledge that i have learned throughout the years in this fitness line, i was able to remodified the workout to suit my own training routine)...

Well working out in the park is quite a good idea too but a few disadvantages, with due respect, i believe the town council are trying their best to improve the park(hmmmmmm?), if its raining, you cant be doing your workout then unless you love to run under the rain, if is getting dark, its going to be a bit unsafe , unless you love the idea of having ghost run with you as your running buddy...but look the bright side, its free and you can breathe fresh full of O2 air(wonder if we still have it here in town area)

Some people have the privelage to bring the whole gym to their own home....thats even better

Let me conclude, GET A GOOD PLACE TO WORKOUT!!..the next article is about getting the right person to help you to start your weight loss programme..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weight loss Part Two

Hello my friends, here comes part two of the journey to weight loss.


We talked about motivation in part one, yes motivation is very important because it help you to keep going when it's getting tough.

Goal is like your end destination, your end results, your dream whatever you want to call it.

First and foremost, get to know and find out what is your physical condition, you can check with your personal doctor, labs, your personal trainer in your local gym.

If you are overweight, find out what is your ideal weight? If you have high percentage of fat that is beyond normal count, find out where should you be? If your waist are expending beyond your hips, find out where do you want to be, well be realistic on your expectation.

Bear in mind, according to the American Sports and College Medicine(ASCM), the safest loss weight programme should be about 0.5 - 1kg per week. If you are looking to lose about 10kg that will be about 4-5 months of workout but take note that you will lose fat, water and muscle during that process. That is why incorporating weight bearing workout are quite important in your journey to weight loss.

I know some of you out there are dying to lose that pound!! Dont worry more tips coming up for you but please do email me for more tips for other related matter.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weight Loss Part 1

Weight Loss Part one


You need to get yourself motivated to lose weight.Sometimes you need to be harshly reminded to keep you going.

Ask yourself these question?

Is your fat percentage more than 30%?

Is your BMI more than 25 or 30?

Is your waistline wider than your thigh?

Any of your family member passed away due to heart ailment?

Have your doctor strongly adviced you to lose some pound?

Do have children that you want to see them grow older?

Do have loves one waiting for you?

Are you the sole bread winner of your family?

There are many more questions that you can ask yourself and you do not need Anthony Robins to wake you up or hynotize you. The strongest motivation are those that came from within you!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in my Mind now - 30/9/2008

Its the end of the month and there is so many things that running through my brain and i have just started this blog and i am trying to get this bloggy thingy going..and i am very bad in vocab and stuff like that..so i have decided today that "screw vocab" "screw proper spelling""screw proper grammer"...we dont have to do it right all the time...right!!

so whats in my brain today


This job that im doing at the moment require me to manage my team to bring in the sales, sales..well ok i am not complaining..but it was and still is a headache..im currently at 91% on sales, i need about $4.5k and the worst part is most of my muslim trainers are already in Raya mood..even the members in the gym on Raya mood..the terrible part is non muslim members also on Raya mood so ...this made me even difficult to find sales


All i wanted to do now is sleep, sleep in the car: sleep on my office desk even sleep on the cafe table next to my club.,even now i feel like sleeping


i had white chicken rice with meatball soup this morning for breakfast, i had milo in the afternoon and now i am feeling darn hungry...hmmm im thinking of KFC after this yeah


The wifi connection here in my club are sucks big time!


Im into this computer games now."the making : the calm and the storm" its a cool post WWII games but most of the time i lost and ended up losing my country: i cant wait to play later..

How and why choose Personal Trainer

Many will question the existance of so called Personal Trainer? well at least in Malaysia, majority still do not know about our existance or percieved personal trainer as taboo. Dont get me wrong, i am talking about personal trainer either work as freelance or in the fitness centre, yeah yeah its related to exercise, health and fitness.


You might be to busy running your own career, family and so on hence neglecting the most important part of our life..our health. Personal trainer will be able to evaluate your fitness level and physical condition before giving you an advice on your workout regime

You might want to achieve a very important physical goals, it may concern your health, appearance and fitness condition BUT your lack of knowledge in this field might hinder you from pursuing it, personal trainer have the knowledge both technical, skills and some are quite good in motivation and nutrition, they can be a good solution for you achieving your goals

You might have done workout yourself before but have reach plateus in your physical goals, getting a personal trainer to train you based on progression and introducing multiple workout routine will help you to improve


I will be lying if i say there are no poser out there pretend to be a good personal trainer, but consider some of the tips that will help you choose the right one for you

There are many certification that can be acquire through the net but not all have good credential, the American Counsil on Exercise(ACE) certification are one of the better one and most personal trainer worldwide have this certificate. There are others such as FISAF and so on but please do check if they are properly certified and most international fitness centre do make sure their personal trainer are properly certified

No doubt that some personal trainers seems to be pushy and when come to getting you to sign up for training sessions, do not worry, these trainers probably are not well equiped or train on how to run their personal training business, they meant to be helping out the clients to make a better decision BUT do make sure that these personal trainer are genuinely trying to help you

Not all trainers suit all clients, there are certain aspect that you have to make sure before deciding on that particular trainer: are you confortable with them? are you motivated by them? will both of you communicate effectively? is your time and his time work well?