Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weight loss Part Two

Hello my friends, here comes part two of the journey to weight loss.


We talked about motivation in part one, yes motivation is very important because it help you to keep going when it's getting tough.

Goal is like your end destination, your end results, your dream whatever you want to call it.

First and foremost, get to know and find out what is your physical condition, you can check with your personal doctor, labs, your personal trainer in your local gym.

If you are overweight, find out what is your ideal weight? If you have high percentage of fat that is beyond normal count, find out where should you be? If your waist are expending beyond your hips, find out where do you want to be, well be realistic on your expectation.

Bear in mind, according to the American Sports and College Medicine(ASCM), the safest loss weight programme should be about 0.5 - 1kg per week. If you are looking to lose about 10kg that will be about 4-5 months of workout but take note that you will lose fat, water and muscle during that process. That is why incorporating weight bearing workout are quite important in your journey to weight loss.

I know some of you out there are dying to lose that pound!! Dont worry more tips coming up for you but please do email me for more tips for other related matter.


  1. Hello! You might remember me from the dinner at Jogoya with Dean many moons ago..ur name mmg familiar but ur pic look different so i hope i got the right pritchard la..but im pretty sure coz how many pritchard personal trainer in kl??..

    anyway saw ur blog from Dean's blog and i mmg want to lose weight so keep writing and hope to read more tips on exericse? n weight loss ya! thanks!

  2. hey there vanz right, thats me allright, was busy with work. for your info, i am no longer attach with fitness first since end of Jan 09..i am doing freelancing personal training now...